Imagine if half the people in the UK lost their homes due to a disaster. Unthinkable?

But that was the reality for over 32 million people in the world in 2022.

lost homes

A safe place to call home. It’s something that many of us take for granted. But in 2022 over 32 million people around the world were forced to flee their homes after disasters related to climate change. That’s the equal of nearly half the population of the UK. And scientists say that the losses will only grow as the climate crisis continues.

The people losing their homes are often those with the least. People who cannot afford to live away from flood plains and other areas at risk. Their voices are seldom heard in discussions on climate change. And they contribute very little to the emissions that have helped create the climate crisis. Yet they are bearing the brunt of its affects.

At ShelterBox we believe that no one should be without shelter after a disaster. We want to support people who lose their homes through climate injustice. Sign up now if you agree.

Help us ensure no one is without shelter after a disaster.

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