You’re never too young to make positive change in the world.

Whether you’re keen to learn more about the global disasters that ShelterBox responds to, the importance of shelter or how your group or family can help others around the world just like yours, we have lots of exciting activities to explore.

Download our activities and resources to have fun, whilst learning as a class, group or individual.

Before you get started

We have a range of videos to explore. Try watching our popular We are ShelterBox video to begin!

We also have ShelterBox colouring sheets to be enjoyed.


for everyone

We challenge you to work together in your household to build the perfect den and share it.

The ShelterMaker Challenge

Water awareness

6-8 years

Learn about the importance of water with this fun resource. Note you will need some space outside.

Water Activity


Jet set

6-8 years

Use this resource to go on an exciting mission to visit as many countries as possible

Activity Sheet


Numbers game

6-13 years

Test your knowledge of ShelterBox. Can you work together to match the numbers with the correct information?

Numbers Game


The last tent

11-15 years

Experience the sort of challenge our response teams face on deployment. You’ll need to vote on who should get the box.

Last Tent Activity

Create a camp

11-15 years

Work together to decide where to create a ShelterBox camp for people who have been made homeless by a disaster

Create a camp

Help families like yours

Could your family, friends or wider community help us to send aid to a family in need? You could fundraise for aid items such as…

Solar lights

£11 could provide a solar light to help create safe environments where people can pick up their daily routine

Shelter kits

£65 could provide a shelter kit which has all the tools for a family to rebuild


£425 could provide a tent which can give a family somewhere to call home

Kids / Young ShelterBox

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