Young ShelterBox

You’re never too young to make positive change in the world.

Whether you’re keen to learn more about the global disasters that ShelterBox responds to, the importance of shelter or how your group or family can help others around the world just like yours, we have lots of exciting activities to explore.

Download our activities and resources to have fun, whilst learning as a class, group or individual.

Before You Get Started

We have a range of videos to explore. Try watching our popular We are ShelterBox video to begin!

We also have ShelterBox colouring sheets to be enjoyed.

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We are here to answer questions, hear ideas and celebrate your successes.

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Explore more

The ShelterMaker Challenge

Need something constructive to do? Encourage the mini monsters in your life to become ShelterMakers. All you need to do is work together to build the perfect den and share it.

ShelterBox at home

You might not be able to meet in person, but you and your community can continue to make sure families around the world receive the emergency shelter they need. We have a range of ideas and resources to help.

Fundraise for us

By going the extra mile and organising an event to raise funds for ShelterBox, you’re helping us reach disaster-affected families all around the world.