Volunteer with ShelterBox

Become an Ambassador and help us spread the word about ShelterBox and the importance of shelter

Our Ambassadors share a passionate belief in ShelterBox.

They want everyone to know about the practical support we give to people who have been lost their homes to disaster.

Can you give up your time to speak to people about ShelterBox, hand out leaflets at community events, or trial new fundraising campaigns?

To join our team you don’t need any previous experience. We only ask that you are passionate about the work that we do!


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More about this role

Whether you’re a keen public speaker or more comfortable behind a computer keyboard, there are flexible options available to suit a variety of skills and time commitments.

Options include:

  • Speaker engagements, both in-person and virtual
  • Supporting our fundraising campaigns such as Tent for Lent, The Warehouse Challenge and virtual mile challenges
  • Acting as the recipient for cheques and donations from local groups
  • Attending local events such as fetes and Rotary events
  • Promoting the work of ShelterBox through social media
  • Fundraising both seasonally and in response to times of major disaster

Read the full role description here.

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Why volunteer with ShelterBox?

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Right now, over 100 million people around the world have been made homeless by disaster and conflict.

By volunteering with ShelterBox, you can use your skills to raise vital funds for emergency shelter.

We want to see a world where no family is left without shelter after disaster. Join us.

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