Off the grid

You're never powerless to help

Power. Give it up for shelterbox.

Go Off the Grid and see how you cope with no power for 24 hours: that means no phones, no laptops, no lights, and no social media.

The money you raise will make a real difference to disaster-hit families around the world. You’ll also get a small glimpse of what life is like for those living in the aftermath of disasters.

Why take on the challenge?

Your money will help families to rebuild their lives after disaster strikes.

From family-sized tents and shelter kits that contain the tools needed to rebuild homes, along with solar lights and water purification equipment, your money will go towards supporting families after disaster.

These are the items that not only help families to feel safe and secure, but to start the process of rebuilding their lives. Something as simple as a solar light can transform a family’s outlook – helping parents cook meals for their families while children can study and feel safe from the overwhelming dark of a temporary camp.

It’s not all hard work though – Off the Grid will help you spend time with friends and family and away from screens.

What's required?

The rules are simple no electricity and nothing with an ‘on’ button for 24 hours.

The challenge can be accepted by individuals, classes, clubs, entire schools or companies.

Get sponsorship to help. It’s a great way to get others involved in what you’re doing and help make the most of your effort. Sponsors could make donations to ShelterBox for each hour you’re Off the Grid. Easily set up your own ShelterBox fundraising page with Just Giving.

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Ben Fogle asks you to 'power down' in support of families affected by disaster

Ben Fogle, adventurer, bestselling author and broadcaster, says, ‘In many of my adventures I have faced life in the raw, without modern trappings. It is more real and more challenging, and I think it is good for everyone to experience it. But for families who have no choice, it can also be frightening. I urge you to take part in this great experiment, to reconnect with the natural world in a 24 hour adventure with your family and friends, and to support families left without shelter after a disaster.’

Ben Fogle

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