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A gift in your Will can bring calm to the chaos

A gift in your will can bring ShelterBox

With a Gift in your Will to ShelterBox, you can be there to help families survive the immediate impact of disaster for the next generation. Your special gift will make a lasting impact on your global family by providing shelter, security and safety to those left most vulnerable, whenever and wherever disaster strikes.  

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will to ShelterBox, thank you. Any gift, large or small, will help us reach more families, allowing them to rebuild and recover after disaster. 

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Gifts in wills make a difference – they help us to support 1 in 6 families

Cyclone Harold made landfall on April 6th 2020; decimating homes, gardens and anything else that stood in its path as it tore across Vanuatu.

Earlier in the evening Shelley had reinforced the roofing of her kitchen to save her home. That effort had paid off. But as Shelley and her community huddled shoulder to shoulder in her kitchen, the cyclone raged on. A flying piece of tin roofing smashed a hole in one of the walls. Every adult who was not holding a child or heavily pregnant was holding on to the house.

Shelley and her family are one of 2,000 households that received ShelterBox aid in the wake of Cyclone Harold. Tarpaulins could afford Shelley’s family a dry night’s sleep; whilst a spade, shovel and nails meant that she could rebuild her house, and later return to subsistence farming.

Woman in standing and pointing in a home being rebuilt in Vanuatu
Shelley in a home being rebuilt in Vanuatu
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“ShelterBox is the difference between disaster and recovery and I am proud to offer a gift in my will to enable that work to continue.”

David Crook, ShelterBox supporter and pledger

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We know that leaving a gift in your Will is something you’ll want to think about very carefully.

Whether you’ve decided to leave a gift in your will or would like more information on leaving a gift to ShelterBox, please call our Gift in Wills experts on 0300 0300 500 or email us.

“My parents would be delighted to know that as a family, we can stand with another family, we don’t know where or when, but a family who are going through their biggest moment of need, and we can do something to help them through that.”

Lindsay Gray, Daughter of Pledger

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