She is Shelter

This International Women's Day, will you help women hold their families together?

You're supporting women like Umm

When bombs rained down on her village in Syria, destroying her beautiful home, Umm stood strong.

When the missile killed her husband and left her a widow, Umm took her children’s hands and led them to safety.

And when she arrived in a displacement camp with nothing but the belongings she could carry, Umm built a safe home for her family.

Shelter is the one thing that can change everything for women like Umm fleeing the horrors of war or the devastation of a disaster. Will you help provide the essential items they need to rebuild?

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syrian family stand in tent
‘I want my children to have warmth, tent supplies like mattresses and blankets...I need anything to keep my children warm.’ - Umm

Did you know?

When disasters hit, women and girls are affected the most.

They face more violence, and often sacrifice food and studies to keep families together and households running.

And yet women go on to lead their community recovery efforts. Meet some of the women we have worked with, who have rebuilt their lives in the aftermath of disaster.