Fundraise with us this Christmas

Provide shelter so children are safe to play, grow and learn.

This Christmas, your support will help provide shelter, warm clothes and blankets so children are safe to play, grow and learn.

Play is so important to children. Khaled, who lives in a refugee settlement with his children in Syria, says: “it is important for the children to improve their psyche and to move away from the situation they are currently in.”

Shelter provides stability and a place to call home. That safety and security is what a child needs to play, make friends and engage with education.

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Whatever you choose to do, you can give a child displaced by conflict or disaster a safe place to play, grow and learn. 

Host a Christmas get together

Help provide shelter this winter by hosting a Christmas get together.

Hold a collection, host a meal or get together for a festive party. You could use an existing date or add something new to the calendar.

We will support you every step of the way. We have game ideas, collection boxes and more to help make your event a success!

By supporting ShelterBox, your fun this Christmas will also enable fun and safety for children who have lost their homes to disaster.

Are you ready? Get planning now.

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Dinner party guests chat over fundraising dinner

Sleep out for ShelterBox

Barbuda tent under starry sky

Help keep families sheltered and safe from the cold by giving up your bed for just one night.

Camp in your garden, spend the night on your kitchen floor, shelter in your shed …. Wherever you choose to sleep, you will help protect families from the elements.

We’ll be here to help you plan, offer advice, resources and games to keep you entertained. You’ll also get a free ShelterBox beanie hat to keep you warm on the night!

Are you up for the challenge? Start planning now and you can change lives this winter.

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Game for ShelterBox

Help provide shelter this Christmas by taking on a gaming challenge in aid of ShelterBox.

Whatever your game, whether you’re a pro-gamer or levelling up, set up your JustGiving page today. Here’s a useful guide to help you get started.

You play so children who have lost their homes to disaster can too.

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