These are the Terms and Conditions relating to ShelterBox challenge event participants registered for a ShelterBox Challenge Event, referred to from hereon in as “The Event”.

You, as the participant acknowledge that the Event is organised by a third party (“the Organising Party”) with whom you have a separate agreement and its Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with these set out below.

It is a condition that all participants comply with both ShelterBox’s Terms and Conditions and The Organising Party’s Terms and Conditions.

  • By agreeing to these terms, I acknowledge that the event may be cancelled due to the global pandemic.
  • In the event that the Event is cancelled or postponed, I understand that ShelterBox Trust will do all that they can to transfer my place to the following year. However, I acknowledge that this may not be possible, and a place is not guaranteed as I understand that this is dependent on the decision of the Event Organisers.
  • If you have your own place in the Event, you will need to follow the advice from the Event Organisers directly.
  • When securing a ShelterBox Charity Challenge Place, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of The Organising Party.
  • To take part in the Event you must be of the minimum age of entry, as stated within The Organising Party Terms and Conditions.
  • For the Event we require a registration fee, which should be sent at the same time as the online registration form. Unless the Event is cancelled by ShelterBox, this fee is non-refundable once you have been accepted on the Event.
  • By registering on the Event you are pledging to raise the minimum sponsorship stated in the Event details and understand that it is the aim of the Event to raise as much above this amount as possible in aid of ShelterBox.
  • The registration fee and all sponsorship money should be made payable to ShelterBox or directly to The Organising Party where applicable. Under no circumstances can money raised by the Event be used for another charity or organisation.
  • By registering for the Event you understand that the place has been granted to you at a cost to ShelterBox and you will collect and deliver at least the pledged amount to ShelterBox within 30 days after the Event, whether from sponsorship, or from your own resources in the event of a shortfall. 50% of the minimum pledged amount is due six weeks prior to the event.
  • Should you have to withdraw at any time, all sponsorship forms and other materials should be returned to ShelterBox. If your sponsors wish for a refund of their sponsorship money, they are asked to apply in writing to ShelterBox.
  • You agree to raise all money using legal methods and complying with the advice given in the fundraising pack.
  • In accordance with the Charities Act you must make a solicitation statement to sponsors or potential sponsors when seeking sponsorship money as follows: “I am fund raising on behalf of ShelterBox and I am raising sponsorship monies in order to take part in “The Event”. Of the sponsorship monies which I raise, a proportion will be used to pay for my trip.”
  • Please note that the registration fee is not eligible for Gift Aid. In addition the donations of a sponsor ‘connected’ to you do not qualify for Gift Aid unless you have self-funded the trip. A ‘connected person’ is defined as: a wife, husband or civil partner; a brother, sister, parent or grandchild; the wife, husband or civil partner of a relative; a company under the control of the donor, or under control of connected persons.
  • You understand and accept that itineraries and schedules may change and other alterations may occur which are beyond the control of the event organisers or ShelterBox.
  • Subject to applicable law, ShelterBox shall not be liable for any injury, illness or death of any person or persons nor loss of or damage to any property nor for any indirect or consequential loss however arising.
  • By registering you also acknowledge that photographs and written quotations may be taken of yourself, friends and families who choose to attend the event, during the Event and you consent to their use to publicise future events and the work of ShelterBox in general. Please advise us in writing, prior to the Event, if you do not wish for photographs and written quotations to be used.
  • ShelterBox challenges are demanding and will require a good level of fitness, strength and endurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate level of fitness. If you are in any doubt about your fitness please discuss your concerns with your personal GP. Please do not agree to participate if your GP suggests that you should not be undertaking the challenge.
  • ShelterBox will hold your personal data in strict confidence and in accordance with the current data Protection Legislation. ShelterBox will only share your personal data with organisations directly involved in organising the Event.

If you have any queries or concerns about ShelterBox Challenge Event Participant Terms and Conditions, please contact the fundraising team via telephone 0300 0300 500 or via email [email protected]