The Importance of Home

Christmas Appeal

This year, our home feels more important than ever. It has become the centre of our world – giving us a place where we feel safe, where we can work and where we can relax with our loved ones. 

But what if you didn’t have a home to shelter in?

This is the case for so many families in the Philippines who have faced the triple threat of volcanoes, coronavirus and typhoons this year.

Join us as we take a look at why the Philippines is so vulnerable to disasters and how you can help this Christmas.

What feels like home...

This year has highlighted the importance of home.

Our home is where we feel safe, surrounded by familiar things, our family and our loved ones.

Watch Joanna Lumley, Yinka Bokinni and Steve Backshall talk about what makes them feel like home during Christmas.

Give the gift of home

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Turn a shelter into a home

This Christmas, help families who have lost everything create a home where their children can play and feel safe.

A nation at the mercy of nature

Disasters are part of life in the Philippines. Earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions are regular occurrences. 

They destroy homes, crops and livelihoods, leaving a population with high rates of poverty in a desperate situation. Many do not have the means to rebuild their homes.

Right now it is typhoon season in the Philippines. There have already been 26 tropical cyclones, 18 named storms, and 8 typhoons since 8 May.

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How you can help

Get crafting

Join us, and communities around the world, in making your own Christmas decorations this year. 

In the Philippines families will be busy making parols, a traditional decoration that symbolises the victory of light over darkness. You can make your own parol decoration with our step by step guide, or get creative and make something unique of your own!

Simply choose what you would like to make and donate the money you save. Plus, you could share the cheer by running a decoration competition, organising a community display or hosting an online crafting session!

Whatever you choose to do you will be sharing cheer in your community, whilst raising vital funds to provide shelter to families around the world this Christmas.

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make your own parol filipino christmas decoration