Terms and Conditions

Book Club Member Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

We are asking you to help us by encouraging your family and friends to become individual supporters of ShelterBox Book Club for a suggested amount of £10 per month. 

Help the ShelterBox Book Club community grow by sharing the value of membership with your friends and you may receive a St. Eval Lavender Hamper worth £50.  If you are an existing member and have friends or family members who are eligible, invite them to join the ShelterBox Book Club today.

By referring a new member, you’ll be playing an important role in building a larger ShelterBox Book Club community and increasing the number of people who are aware of the important work that ShelterBox does.  As a thanks from us, the members linked to the first 150 referrals will receive a St. Eval Lavender Hamper.

The initial scheme is limited to the first 150 new members but may be extended in the future.


How it works

Step one: Referral

Share the benefits of ShelterBox Book Club membership and provide details of your Supporter ID (as provided in the email) to the proposed new member.

Step two: Eligibility for the reward  

Once your contact has decided to become a member, they should complete the Book Club sign-up form (ShelterBox Book Club – No Ordinary Book Club – ShelterBox). They must enter your ID Code into the ‘reference code’ section of the sign-up form, for you to qualify for the referral gift.

Step three: Your thank you gift awaits!  

If the new member is among the first 150 new members to sign-up, you will receive a St. Eval Lavender Hamper.  Each member is limited to a single St. Eval Lavender Hamper.  These will be mailed out in February.


Terms & Conditions

  • By participating in the member referral scheme, you agree that you have read and understand the following rules of the scheme.
  • This scheme is open to existing ShelterBox Book Club members* who refer new membership applicants** that agree to establish a direct debit.
  • The new members must be residents of the United Kingdom, aged 18 years or over and cannot be an employee of ShelterBox.
  • The opening date for member referrals is 3rd January 2023, closing date for referrals is 31st January 2023 (Closing Date). Any referred membership application received after the Closing Date will not qualify for the reward.
  • New membership applicants must sign up to pay their membership by direct debit for the referrer to receive their gift. Gift memberships will not qualify for this scheme.
  • The reward of the St. Eval Lavender Hamper will only be provided to the referrers of the first 150 new members.
  • Referring members are limited to a single hamper.
  • In order to operate the scheme, we will not be able to claim gift aid on any part of the Book Club membership fee during the month of January 2023.
  • The St. Eval Lavender Hamper cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • By referring a new member to the ShelterBox Book Club and providing them with your Supporter ID you consent to your name and address being provided to St. Eval to allow for your St. Eval Lavender Hamper to be delivered to you.  Your details will be deleted by St. Eval after mailing the hamper.

*A valid referrer must be a current member of the ShelterBox Book Club.

**An eligible new membership applicant is deemed as an individual who is not already a member of the ShelterBox Book Club. They may have previously been a ShelterBox Book Club member or a previous gift member.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be referred to the scheme?

  • Individuals can be referred to the scheme if they are UK residents, over the age of 18 and are willing to sign up to a direct debit membership.  New members may have previously been a ShelterBox Book Club member or gift member.

How and when will I get my reward?

  • A St. Eval Lavender Hamper will be posted from St. Eval in Cornwall in February.

How many contacts can I refer?

  • You can refer as many of your contacts as you like, but whether one person signs up or twenty, each member will be limited to a single St. Eval Lavender Hamper.

Can I fill in the referral form on behalf of prospective members?

  • The referral form must be completed by the applicant so they can give their consent for us to contact them. We will only be able to process referrals that are submitted from the prospective member and not the referring member.

How can I promote the benefits of ShelterBox Book Club membership?

  • As well as directing your contact to the ShelterBox website, you can also talk about the value that you personally find in being a ShelterBox Book Club

What happens if the prospective member withdraws their ShelterBox Book Club application or fails to meet the membership criteria?

  • To qualify for the reward, the prospective member must complete the application process and sign up to a direct debit prior to the Closing Date. To be eligible, new members must be U.K. resident and over 18.

Does applying for a gift membership of ShelterBox Book Club meet the criteria?

  • No, a hamper will only be offered if a person becomes a full member of the ShelterBox Book Club as opposed to a gift member.


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