5 Inspiring fundraising stories we love

From physical challenges to camping in the freezing cold, here are some of our favourite fundraising stories.

5 August 2022

Group posing before running the Lake Garda marathon to fundraise for ShelterBox

To say the last two years have been difficult would be an understatement. Yet, our incredible community of ShelterBox supporters continued to give us hope and inspiration through their fundraising stories.

From physical challenges to camping in the freezing cold, they proved that nothing would stop them from getting aid to families who need it most. Here are five inspiring fundraising stories that we love.

A boy making clay snails as fundraising for ShelterBox
A boy and his mum holding clay snails made to fundraise for ShelterBox

Shelter Snails: A creative fundraising story

We are overwhelmed by the amount of people hosting fundraisers to help families in Ukraine, but this has to be one of the most creative!

When 10-year-old Thomas heard we were supporting families in Ukraine, he wanted to help. Putting their creative thinking caps on, Thomas and his mum Anna came up with Shelter Snails – collectable clay snails that are handmade and painted by Thomas. Snails carry their homes on their backs, so the pair figured it was the perfect collectable to represent the idea of shelter. After only two days, he sold all 13 of his clay snails. Without a second thought, they then started making their second batch of shelter snails. Check out their Facebook page here.

From everyone at ShelterBox we want to say thank you to not only Thomas and Anna, but to everyone who has supported us through donations, fundraisers, and sharing our messages. Thanks to you, we will be able to reach more families affected by the crisis in Ukraine and beyond.

Composite image of 2 people camping in different tents wearing ShelterBox t-shirts

Lynn and Richard for Tent for Lent

For some of us, Easter weekend means gathering with friends and family, whilst eating too much chocolate.

For ShelterBox supporters Lynn and Richard, it means the end of Lent and the beginning of a good night’s sleep.

This year for Lent, both Lynn and Richard decided to give up the same thing – the comfort of their beds. Once a week, each took to their respective churchyards, set up camp, and raised money for ShelterBox. There were a few wet and frosty nights, but both completed their challenges, raising over £3,000 between the two of them.

Thank you Richard and Lynn, and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Tent for Lent.

Boy with baked goods he made and sold as charity fundraising

Tom’s bakes

We are always blown away by the fundraising stories coming from our young ShelterBox supporters.

When Tom heard of the crisis in Ukraine, he set to baking to raise money for the millions of people who are now displaced. Having always been a keen baker, he had a few favourite recipes ready to go – he even adapted a couple so friends with food allergies, as well as vegans, could enjoy! After an hour and a half, Tom was completely sold out and raised an amazing £158.20. With some additional donations, Tom can proudly say he bought a ShelterBox!

Thank you, Tom – you are incredible.

A group of people posing together before running a marathon

The Lake Garda marathon runners

Who decides on whim to sign up for a marathon? The Garda Gang, that’s who!

These seven friends signed up for the Lake Garda marathon that took place on 3 April 2022. Sam, one of the runners, said “The seven of us feel incredibly privileged to have taken part in the Lake Garda marathon. We chose to take part for our own enjoyment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the world are running for a lot of different reasons. That’s why we’re fundraising for ShelterBox, which is a great charity supporting those left with nothing.”

Congratulations to all of you for successfully crossing the finish line, and thank you for supporting us! The group raised £2682 – you can see their fundraising page here.

2 people outside a tent with snow falling

Fundraising for Ukraine

Where would we be without the amazing Rotary International community?

This is Alistair, a club member with the Rotary Club of East Sutherland. Alistair spent five nights sleeping in a tent – in the freezing cold – as part of the club’s efforts to raise money for ShelterBox’s Ukraine appeal. Thanks to the generosity of passers-by, along with the club’s other fundraising efforts, they met their initial goal of raising money for 2 ShelterBoxes to 8! That’s a total of £4,720 raised to help reach families affected by the war in Ukraine.

Thank you so much Alistair and all members of the Rotary Club! We hope you have since been able to warm up and reflect back on your incredible effort.


Feeling as inspired as we are by these fundraising stories? Check out all the different ways you can fundraise and together we can be ready to support families who need shelter after disaster all around the world.