Man stands in darkness leaning on the door of his damaged home in Ukraine


What would you take? Meet the people behind our Ukraine film

by Nicky Stephens, ShelterBox Digital Marketing & Innovation Manager 16/11/2022

Discover the true stories of the Ukrainians featured in the film and go behind the scenes to meet the ‘rockstar poet’, the British-Ukrainian actor, and the translator from Cornwall who worked on the film.

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COP27: The climate crisis needs our anger – but it also needs our hope 

by Sanj Srikanthan, ShelterBox CEO 06/11/2022

COP27 conference: Our CEO Sanj Srikanthan reflects on the urgent message we’re sending to global leaders.

woman wearing a red hair shawl


The power of a Gift in your Will

by Digital Team 12/10/2022

Gifts in Wills are incredibly important to charities. Learn how to leave a gift in your Will and everything you need to know before deciding.


Rotary and Book Club Member Q&A

by Catherine Thornhill, ShelterBox Book Club Head BookWorm 28/09/2022

Read an Q&A from a Brian Stewart a committed Rotarian, brilliant ShelterBox Book Club member and published author!

woman wearing an orange scarf sitting down


Drought Crisis in East Africa

by Stephanie Christensen 12/09/2022

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought in over 40 years. Learn more about this crisis and how shelter can make an impact.

three humanitarians talking in malawi


World Humanitarian Day 2022

by Nicky Stephens, ShelterBox Digital Marketing & Innovation Manager 16/08/2022

Discover everything you need to know about World Humanitarian Day and meet four real-life humanitarians.

woman holding a child with a solar light


Evolution of our solar light

by Digital Team 25/07/2022

Read how we listened to communities to adapt our solar lights.

Man smiling with colourful background

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Six summer reads from ShelterBox Book Club

by John Stanbury, Public Fundraising Assistant 24/07/2022

Have a look at these 6 summer reads picked exclusively by ShelterBox Book Club.

Man unloading aid from a warehouse


The plastic problem: our commitment to do better

by Digital Team 30/06/2022

Plastic pollution is a global problem. Read more about it and see how ShelterBox is committed to reducing unnecessary single-use plastic from our aid packaging.

Sweet Bean Paste Book Cover

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Q&A with Durian Sukegawa – Author of Sweet Bean Paste

by Nicky Stephens, ShelterBox Digital Marketing & Innovation Manager 13/06/2022

In spring 2022, the members of the ShelterBox Book Club read ‘Sweet Bean Paste’ by Durian Sukegawa. We compiled questions from our members for Durian, take a look at his written answers.


LGBTQ+ Pride Month – 8 steps to being a better ally

by Digital Team 06/06/2022

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is here. Learn how to be a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community and challenge the norms.

A woman and a child in their home

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Extreme storms: 3 stories of survival you should read

by Digital Team 23/05/2022

Climate change is making extreme storms even more devastating. Read 3 stories of survival after extreme storms in Vanuatu and Malawi.

hurricane brewing over the sea


Preparing for another active Hurricane season

by Digital Team 17/05/2022

The 2022 Atlantic Basin hurricane season is more active than usual, with more powerful named storms than average since the start of the season. Read how we’re preparing.

A group of people running a marathon


5 Inspiring fundraising stories we love

by Digital Team 08/05/2022

From physical challenges to camping in the freezing cold, here are some of our favourite fundraising stories.

people unloading shelter kits off a truck

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How we reached 100,000 people in the Philippines after Typhoon Rai

by Digital Team 14/04/2022

See how we worked with partners to reach 20,000 families after Typhoon Rai.

map of ukraine

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How to help people affected by the Ukraine crisis

by Digital Team 27/03/2022

Read how you can help people affected by the Ukraine crisis.

Boy with green eyes wearing a purple hooded coat


7 things you need to know about the Syrian conflict

by Digital Team 15/03/2022

In March 2011, peaceful protests in Syria escalated into brutal conflict that’s still ongoing. Read 7 facts about the conflict in Syria.

Man trying to salvage possessions from flood

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5 Things you should know about the latest IPCC report

by Digital Team 07/03/2022

The latest IPCC Report on climate change is out. Read 5 of the main findings of this report and why our work is important in the fight against climate change.

Woman in purple scarf in Somaliland

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What are climate-related disasters?

by Digital Team 16/02/2022

Our changing climate is making large weather events like droughts and hurricanes worse. Learn more about climate-related disasters.

a person with a book on their lap praying

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What is Lent and why do people give things up? 5 things you should know about Lent 2022

by Hollie Clements, Community Fundraising Officer 20/01/2022