Our aid

We deliver the essentials families need to begin rebuilding their lives after disaster

Over the years we have worked with suppliers to develop a range of aid items, based on feedback from those who have previously received our support.

Providing shelter is the core part of every response. The type of shelter we provide will be dependent on what our assessments tell us would be most appropriate, in some situations a tent might be best but in others it might be a shelter kit – the tools and tarpaulin to build or repair a safe place to stay.

We also have a range of accompanying aid items such as thermal blankets and solar lights to help turn a shelter into a home. The accompanying aid items are tailored to ensure families have the most useful items to start their process of recovery.

We also coordinate with other organisations to ensure that we don’t supply items that they may already be providing.

Family stand outside their tent in Legazpi Philippines following Typhoon Albay 2014

What we can provide:

1. Comfort

We ensure families are warm and comfortable by providing thermal blankets and cooking sets. These simple items can be used in a variety of ways and can help turn a shelter into a home.

2. Safety

Solar lights can help create safe environments where people can pick up their daily routine, they illuminate dark and dangerous paths and enable families to cook meals and children to finish their homework when it gets dark.

Our newest solar light can also charge mobile phones, meaning families can keep in contact when power lines go down.

3. Privacy

When disasters destroy entire communities, often families have nowhere else to go but large collective centers where sometimes hundreds of people can be sharing one space.



Tents and ShelterKits that can shore up damaged homes not only provide vital shelter, they also allow families who have suffered great losses to have privacy, dignity and a space to begin the process of recovery after disaster.

4. Health

When disasters devastate the landscape, it can be hard to access safe, clean water. By providing families with water containers and purification equipment, safe drinking water becomes one less thing to worry about.

In countries where insect-borne diseases are common, our mosquito nets are a simple and effective way to keep families safe.

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