The Audley Travel camp out

Camping in tents with colleagues to better understand the ShelterBox cause

Audley Travel is a travel company that specialises in tailor-made luxury travel. They have genuine experts for each and every one of their destinations, priding themselves on the local knowledge that their specialists have.

By travelling frequently to their destinations, or even living there, Audley’s specialists have an intimate understanding of some of the most beautiful places in the world. But they also have an insight into the struggles that some communities face.

That’s why ShelterBox and Audley make such a great fit. We’ve teamed up with them to share our knowledge of disaster relief in some of the most remote corners of the earth.

As their Charity of the Year for 2018 and 2019, we worked in partnership to come up with imaginative fundraising ideas that helped to engage staff and increase the impact of the partnership. For more information on Audley Travel, visit their website at

Camping out with colleagues

Audley campout - ShelterBox tents

Over the coming year, Audley’s staff members will be fundraising and hosting events for ShelterBox. So we teamed up with them to create the Audley Travel Camp Out – a 24-hour event designed to get Audley staff engaged with our cause.

During the campout, staff slept in our disaster relief tents and worked alongside one of our volunteer Response Team Members to get to grips with what ShelterBox is about.

Audley staff learnt a lot from the experience; how to put up a disaster relief shelter, where we are currently responding, and what it is like to live in a tent after disaster, even just for a night.

By putting up the tents, we realised how sturdy they are and how valuable they would be to a family who had lost everything.

Alex Dawkins, Charity Committee Member, Audley Travel

Interview with Robin Charnley


How did the camp out help you engage with the work ShelterBox is doing?

‘It was great to meet a ShelterBox representative and to see the equipment used. We had fun putting up the tents – they seemed huge for four people, until you realised that a whole family would live their life in there after losing their home.’

How were your relationships with colleagues developed by camping out with them?

‘The campout was a fun way to get to know each other – we cooked together, played team games, and even had a tug of war. It was pretty different to our regular staff activities!’

How did the ShelterBox volunteer help you learn more about ShelterBox’s work?

‘Suzie, the ShelterBox volunteer, helped us to put up the tents, as well as telling us about her experiences both working and volunteering for ShelterBox. It was interesting to learn about the planning and logistics that go into delivering aid.’

Packing up the tents

Audley campout - ShelterBox tents

We loved working together with Audley to create the campout. Staff left the event the next morning feeling inspired, enthused and encouraged by our work.

The event made use of some of our key strengths in supporting our corporate partners. We enjoy assisting with any ideas our partners have and make sure that engagement activities like the campout are supported by us.

We’re also in a unique position to be able to share real stories about why shelter is so important to families, which grabs the attention of staff that are used to hearing from causes that are more general.

As our partnership with Audley Travel develops, it will continue to benefit from innovative engagement activities like the campout that are key to the way we work with partners.

Not only did the campout raise money, it raised awareness, so we will definitely take the opportunity to invite ShelterBox back to the offices, so staff can learn more about the important work they are doing.

– Alex Dawkins, Charity Committee Member, Audley Travel

Partner with us


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