ShelterBox partnerships

Our partners enable us to go the extra mile and reach more people that desperately need our support

At ShelterBox, we believe in creating partnerships that benefit both organisations.

This could range from supporting people in a specific country or focusing on our shelter and logistics, to creating awareness, engaging employees or delivering a client relationship campaign. Learn more about the three ways in which we create partnerships.

Our partnerships

Our operational partners

Together with our operational partners, we’re able to support families all over the world with essential shelter and emergency aid.

Rotary International

Working in partnership to make a difference worldwide

ShelterBox affiliates

Our affiliates share our belief in a world where no family is without shelter after conflict and disaster, and support us in making this a reality.

More about how we work

Deciding when to respond

Learn how we make the decision to respond in a disaster or conflict

Our Aid

Discover the aid items that help families rebuild their lives after disaster


Learn more about our safeguarding policies designed to protect the families we help, our operational staff and our response team volunteers.