You can provide the tools that rebuild lives

Your donation can bring families tarpaulins, tools blankets and more – exactly the right aid, at the exact time they need it.

The shelter kits you can help to fund are so vital.

Each one is packed with a selection of rigorously tested tools and materials for repairing a home and helping people to start a new life.

The next disaster could strike at any moment and we’re still helping people devastated by many other disasters around the world.

Please give as soon as you possibly can.

Shelter kit illustration flat lay

Disaster can rob families of everything. But with the right materials at the right time, families find ingenious ways to rebuild their lives. 

Take Margaretha, who turned her ShelterBox into a crib for her newborn baby. Or Rahma, who is using her solar lights to further her education.

From harvest tools to sledges, storage boxes to lion scarers, we’ve lost count of the number of inventive ways families are using our aid.

Discover some of the resourceful ways people like Margaretha and Rahma are rebuilding their lives.

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