20 Years of Shelter gallery

For 20 years, our values have been guiding us to do the right thing and continue to work with communities around the world to provide emergency shelter.

In the era of coronavirus, this is more important than ever. In our 20th anniversary year, we are drawing on our experience and expertise to continue to provide the aid that families need to stay safe because we know that shelter save lives.

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Celebrating 20+ Years of ShelterBox

Read on to see how it all began and take a look at what you’ve helped us achieve.

Our history

Explore a timeline of our biggest responses and defining moments over the last 20 years

The ShelterBox founding story

In 2000, the idea for ShelterBox was hit upon by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard in Cornwall, when Rotary encouraged members to come up with projects to mark the Millennium.

QUIZ: 20 years of ShelterBox

Take the quiz to learn about some of the most memorable responses in our history.

Historic disaster responses

Since 2000, we have responded to a number of major disasters that shook whole countries and their people. Have a look at some of the most memorable ShelterBox disaster responses.

22 for 22 Challenge

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