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Friday 22 June 2012

Thank you for helping families made homeless by disasters
Thank you for helping families made homeless by disasters
Thank you for helping families made homeless by disasters
From 9 to 16 June, events took place across the globe in celebration of ShelterBox's annual awareness and fund raising week - Big ShelterBox Week. From cake bakes in Canada, to yard sales in the USA, a children’s festival in Switzerland, a photographic event across the Netherlands and a country-wide school tour in the UK, people around the world generously gave their time to support ShelterBox.
ShelterBox would like to thank everyone involved for their tremendous efforts during the week. As a result of your drive and passion, ShelterBox will be able to help more families made homeless by disasters around the world, like Lazaro Tambraico Huacho and his family from Peru.

The Huacho family in Peru, April 2012
The Huacho family was one of 51 families left with nothing in the Apurimac region in Peru after their homes, possessions and livestock were destroyed by heavy rain, flooding and landslides last April.
Lazaro, his wife Eulalia and their two children were forced to leave their home and live in small, makeshift shelters on the side of a mountain, where temperatures plummeted at night. But thanks to ShelterBox's supporters, the charity was able to send a Response Team who delivered a ShelterBox to them, along with 50 more to the other displaced families, bringing them shelter, warmth, dignity and a new sense of community.
Eulalia told the Response Team: 'We’re very happy and it’s nice and warm! We were sleeping on one blanket with wood underneath – it was very cold. The ShelterBox has also given us strength and brought the community closer together. We’ve never seen anything like it and it will help us rebuild our lives.’

A ShelterBox supporter in the USA having a Big Clear Out

Thanks to your generosity ShelterBox will be able to help many more families in need.
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