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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Big ShelterBox Week around the world
Big ShelterBox Week around the world One of Rens Plaschek's photos of a ShelterBox in an unusual place posted on ShelterBox Netherland's Facebook page as part of the photography event the affiliate is doing for Big ShelterBox Week 2012.

People from all over the world are joining in Big ShelterBox Week, raising funds and awareness for the international disaster relief charity.

ShelterBox Netherlands is hosting a photography event on Facebook this week to raise awareness. A ShelterBox image by photographer Rens Plaschek has been posted on their site every day and supporters have been invited to upload their own photos of ShelterBoxes in unusual places around the country.

ShelterBox USA invited supporters on 12 June to a Virtual Open House at their headquarters in Florida for a behind-the-scenes look at the disaster relief organisation. The participants learned in an interactive webinar how and why the charity brings shelter, warmth and dignity to disaster survivors.

Speakers included ShelterBox USA's President Emily Sperling and Volunteer and Youth Programme Manager Alan Monroe, ShelterBox International's Operations Manager Alf Evans and Response Team member Tom Schaafsma (US).

Emily Sperling and Alan Monroe speaking at the webinar for ShelterBox USA's Virtual Open House.

'We are very fortunate to have ShelterBox supporters throughout the USA and our virtual open house was an opportunity to give them an in-depth look at how ShelterBoxes are distributed around the world to families in need,' said Emily.

Volunteers in the UK have been collecting money at various underground stations in London every day this week, raising an impressive total of £1,534 so far. ShelterBox UK & Ireland has also been offering cake tours at ShelterBox's headquarters in Cornwall.

'It's a great chance to see behind the scenes of a frontline aid agency, see what goes into a ShelterBox and how it gets packed,' said ShelterBox UK and Ireland's General Manager Tim Bunting. 'There is also tea and tasty cakes made by our volunteers for people to enjoy for a small donation.'

David and Carole Dowell visited the headquarters for a cake tour: 'What an enjoyable and informative tour. It's amazing to see that our donations are being of help to the less fortunate in other countries. We shall be doing all we can to tell our friends and family about the work that you do and will keep on with giving donations as often as we can.'

Mayor of Innisfil in Ontario, Canada, with an Ambassador for ShelterBox Canada at a stand set up in the town hall.

ShelterBox stands are popping up all over Canada to increase awareness and generate donations. One ShelterBox Canada Ambassador has set up a demonstration tent at the town hall in Innisfil, Ontario, which generated a lot of interest.

ShelterBox Switzerland is raising awareness and funds by setting up several ShelterBox stalls across the country with BBQs, car washes and football games this coming weekend.

For more information about the worldwide events happening during Big ShelterBox Week, please visit the Big ShelterBox Week website.
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