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Wednesday 06 June 2012

Homes and workplaces in ruins in northern Italy
Homes and workplaces in ruins in northern Italy Photograph taken by Danny Whear.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has been delivering emergency shelter to families in and around Modena who have been made homeless by a recent series of earthquakes in northern Italy.

Home to luxury sport car companies Ferrari and Maserati, the heavily industrial Emilia Romagna region is also famous for its balsamic vinegar works, vineyards, fine food and precision engineering. As such, many of the population not only have been forced from their homes but also from their workplaces as so many buildings are in ruins.

Photograph taken by Danny Whear.

It was Danny Whear's (UK) first deployment as an SRT volunteer and he speaks about one of the worst-hit towns in the region: 'It was a strange sight in Cavezzo as all of the traditional buildings had been reduced to piles of rubble by the tremors but all of the modern buildings were still standing. What you couldn't see though was that everything inside was structurally destroyed, so in fact around 60 per cent of the buildings in the central district have been affected and whole communities have been relocated.'

The SRT has been working collaboratively with volunteers from ShelterBox Italy Center affiliate, Rotaractors from Modena, Mirandola, Carpi and Bologna, and the national Civil Protection agency to assess the need and distribute the much-needed tents.

Photograph taken by Danny Whear.

Shelter, warmth and dignity has been brought to over one hundred displaced families with a total of 128 disaster relief tents distributed to those most in need in the towns of Medolla, Concordia, Cavezzo and San Felice.

'Our tent was quite easy to put up and is very comfortable with its excellent ventilation,' said one beneficiary at the camp in San Felice. 'We hadn't heard of ShelterBox until recently when they responded to the first earthquake that struck here and we are all impressed with the work that they do and have done here. We all feel proud to have received a tent and are very happy to be living in one, as we can be with our families whilst our homes begin to be reconstructed.'

Photograph taken by Danny Whear.

The first earthquake hit close to Modena on 20 May measuring 6.0-magnitude. A second 5.8-magnitude quake struck the same area on 29 May, killing at least 16 people and bringing down buildings already damaged from the first one. Reports say aftershocks continue to spread fear among the local residents.

View more photos from the deployment on ShelterBox's Flickr page.
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