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Friday 22 February 2013

Rotary Day 2013
Rotary Day 2013 SRT member Stafford Sumner (UK) (right) with Rtn Muhsen R. Mufleh (left) from Amman West Rotary Club in Jordan, February 2013.

'Thanks so much for your time, efforts and great initiative. It was a great pleasure to meet you and discuss such a noble cause. You have all the Rotarians in Jordan as your family so whatever you need please let us know.' Ola Almasri, President of Amman Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, Jordan.

Rotarians around the world have continued to support ShelterBox since the international disaster relief charity was founded over a decade ago. Not only do they raise vital funds but they also continue to provide essential logistical support during ShelterBox's deployments worldwide.

Cementing this is the Rotary International (RI) project partnership that was signed in 2012 by RI and ShelterBox. It has built on both organisations' strengths in responding to disasters globally and provides service opportunities for Rotarian ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members and Rotarians in country.

An SRT has recently returned from Jordan where an average of 2,000 Syrians have been crossing the border every day over the past month. 

'Fantastic support'

'We had fantastic support from the Rotary Clubs of Jordan which enabled us to find the most suitable way to distribute ShelterBox tents that would benefit the refugees the most,' said SRT member Ian Neal (UK).

Rtn Muhsen R. Mufleh helping ShelterBox set up tents along the Jordan/Syria border, Jordan, February 2013.

'One key contact is Rtn Muhsen R. Mufleh from Amman West Rotary Club. Thanks to his hard work and extensive network of connections we have been able to position ourselves effectively to respond to the growing refugee crisis. Through him, we were able to distribute transit shelters with the border guards along the Syria/Jordan border providing a rest area for newly arriving Syrian families before they continue their long journey to their destination in Jordan.'

Rtn Muhsen R. Mufleh is a proud family man who has semi-retired from business and assisted the SRT with logistics and translation:

'My work with ShelterBox has enabled me to raise awareness of the organisation amongst fellow Rotarians and other contacts here who share the common interest of helping others. Promoting the partnership between ShelterBox and Rotary International has inspired others to help Syrian people fleeing to Jordan, whether that's through the offer of assistance to pitch tents or fundraising amongst their own networks.'

The Jordanian Rotary Committee also agreed to purchase additional equipment such as mattresses, blankets and medical supplies to augment the ShelterBox gear to help Syrian families with the harsh cold conditions.

Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy hit Northeast USA last October, ShelterBox reached out to the most impacted districts to check on Rotarians and learn what their communities were experiencing in the wake of the disaster. Rotarians joined forces with ShelterBox with the 'service above self' ethos very much in their hearts to help bring assistance and blankets to over 6,000 people.

SRT member Ian Neal (UK) with Syrian refugee children in Jordan, February 2013.

Rotarians also have service opportunities by being SRT members, such as Rtn Sonny Ongkiko (PH), who has recently been helping typhoon survivors in the Philippines. ShelterBox was able to respond immediately to the disaster by having in country Response Teams assessing the need within 24 hours. At the same time, through Sonny's local Rotary club contacts, he has been able to raise vital funds and awareness for ShelterBox through his Rotary club.

These are just some of the many examples of how Rotary benefits ShelterBox's disaster relief work; together they help more communities in need around the world at the time they need it the most.

Thank you

ShelterBox would like to thank the global Rotary networks for all of your continuous support at times of disaster and efforts in raising awareness and funds for families affected by disaster.
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