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Saturday 27 October 2012

ShelterBoxes arrive at Domiz camp, northern Iraq
ShelterBoxes arrive at Domiz camp, northern Iraq Photograph by Rebecca Novell.

In her second video diary instalment from northern Iraq, ShelterBox Response Team member Rebecca Novell (UK) reflects on the past week, working to deliver aid to families affected by the Syrian refugee crisis.

The team will begin distributing the first shipment of 200 ShelterBoxes in partnership with Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) and a team of volunteers. It is thanks to the collaborative efforts of ShelterBox and BCF with freight transport assistance from Etihad airlines via Airlink, the humanitarian relief initiative of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation, that the Response Team has been able to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families in northern Iraq.

Harsh winter weather is fast approaching the region but with the continued support of public donations ShelterBox will continue to provide lifesaving winterized shelter to Syrian families in northern Iraq.
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