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Monday 08 October 2012

New arrivals at Dadaab in Kenya receive shelter
New arrivals at Dadaab in Kenya receive shelter Displaced family in a ShelterBox tent in Dadaab, Kenya, following ShelterBox's response to drought, famine and conflict in August 2011.

Somali refugee families fleeing famine and conflict now have a safe place to live at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) have been managing the Dadaab camp complex situated around 64 kilometres from the Kenya-Somalia border.

IOM has been distributing disaster relief tents to displaced families who recently arrived on behalf of ShelterBox.

'ShelterBox has a strong relationship with IOM,' said ShelterBox Operations Coordinator Fionn Mckee. 'The IOM Kenya team regularly update us about the situation in and around the Dadaab camp, and it was becoming clear that more tents were required to house the new arrivals.

'ShelterBox responded with 500 tents which IOM Kenya had set up and occupied within days of Etihad Airlines flying them into Nairobi. I'd like to thank Etihad for transporting the tents at a very generous below-market rate. Every time ShelterBox secures this type of in-kind support we are making our donors' money go further. We are all making more difference to the families we are supporting during life-changing events.'

The conflict in Somalia began in 1991 and has left the country divided. Over the past few years, more than a million people have been forced from their homes due to extreme violence across the country.

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