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Wednesday 26 September 2012

ShelterBox works with Senegalese First Lady
ShelterBox works with Senegalese First Lady Photograph shows the flood damage made to the buildings in Dakar, Senegal. The dark shadowed line across the buildings show how high the floodwaters were - over one metre, September 2012.

ShelterBox is sending disaster relief tents and other lifesaving supplies to families affected by the widespread flooding in Senegal through working with the West African country's First Lady's charity.

Foundation Servir Le Senegal (Fss) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ShelterBox, which outlines how the two humanitarian organisations are working in partnership to bring shelter to the most vulnerable displaced families in and around the capital Dakar.

'There is an exhibition centre in the capital that houses many homeless families. It seems fairly organised with medical centres, shared cooking facilities, well managed waste and fresh water on site,' said ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Ed Owen (UK). 'But the roof leaks every time it rains as it is not sealed making everything and everyone wet.

'Not only this but the centre has to be vacated in a few weeks time and there will still be nowhere for them to live.'


With the help and support from Fss, ShelterBox is sending disaster relief tents, solar lamps, ground sheets, water filters and carriers, and mosquito nets to Dakar from its headquarters in the UK, bringing shelter and dignity to families who lost everything in the floods.

ShelterBox Response Team volunteer Ed Owen (UK) signing the MoU with Dr. Sana from Fss, September 2012.

SRT member Rick Commiso (US) lives in country and will be working closely with Fss to identify a suitable site to set up a camp housing the families in need.

'Through the MoU, it has been agreed that Fss will supply members of the Senegalese military to assist me in putting up the tents and organising the camp,' said Rick. 'I'll train the volunteers before the tents arrive so I can have a team at my disposal to set up the camp quickly and efficiently.'

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ShelterBox has signed several MoUs in its lifetime, including with the French Red Cross. The informal document sets out how the involved organisations can collaborate to help more people around the world as quickly and efficiently as possible following a disaster.
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