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Monday 24 September 2012

ShelterBox brought comfort to children in Russia
ShelterBox brought comfort to children in Russia ShelterBox tent set up at the children's nursery in Nizhnebakanskaya, July 2012.

Torrential rains in July caused flash floods to sweep across southern Russia, forcing many families to leave their homes and take refuge in trees or on rooftops.

ShelterBox responded to the disaster distributing a total of 150 ShelterBoxes to families in need, giving them the right to live in dignity as they rebuilt their damaged homes.

The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) also worked with Nizhnebakanskaya Independent Volunteers who set up a camp for children, giving them a place to stay when their families worked hard to clean up their homes. Elena Korykhalova was one of the volunteers and speaks of how ShelterBox tents were used to set up the children's nursery:

'This summer we had a great opportunity to meet an SRT that came to Russia to bring shelter for people affected by the floods. We were working in Nizhnebakanskaya as independent volunteers when we met Andrew Clouting (AU) and Eva Doerr (DE), who had already set up about 100 tents in Krymsk and were exploring the surrounding area to find more families who had lost their houses.

Children from the camp settlement playing in a ShelterBox tent set up for the nursery, Russia, July 2012.

'Nizhnebakanskaya was the second biggest flooded settlement that received less help because it is not a regional centre like Krymsk. While independent volunteers could supply several families with tents, that was obviously not enough. We did our best to help Andrew and Eva to determine the places where aid should have been delivered. We already knew families living outside their houses that had no place to go or just old people that didn't want to leave their houses despite their state. We were happy to know that finally these families received a ShelterBox and it was a really great pleasure for us to work with ShelterBox. 

'We invited Andrew and Eva to our camp where they stayed for a night. We discussed what had been done in the area and what else needed to be done. Once they knew we were working to organise a nursery, we were offered tents where children could stay during the day. We didn't expect this assistance which resolved our problems and made the nursery a reality.

'We used the tents to run activities for children during the day when the sun was especially hot. We were able to invite all children of the camp settlement to our nursery and on our busiest day volunteers worked with a group of 30 children of different ages. We would not have been able to hold such capacity with our own equipment. 

'Children had a place to stay'

'Thanks to ShelterBox, children had a place to stay in the day when their families worked hard to clean up their muddied homes and fix them. They did not play in the then muddy river and around their houses; instead they could spend time in the field that was not touched by the disaster and stay in the shade in the ShelterBox tents during hot days.

'Thank you again for the shelter you provided for local families and volunteer support.
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