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Monday 10 September 2012

Lasting legacies for the future
Lasting legacies for the future

An international alliance of charities from around the world will unite on 13 September to encourage more people to leave a charitable legacy when writing a will, once they've looked after their loved ones.

International Legacy Giving Day will see some of the world's leading legacy consortiums work together to raise awareness of legacies worldwide, including those in Belgium, Canada, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and Norway.

Activities will be organised throughout the day by global charities working with will-writers and corporate partners to promote gifts in Wills not only amongst staff but also to charity supporters.

This will be the second International Giving Day that will see hundreds of charities across the world come together to raise awareness for this vital form of giving.

Importance of legacies

The awareness day was first brought about last year by Remember A Charity, a consortium of over 140 charities in the UK who work together to raise awareness of the importance of legacies.

'Many of our most loved good causes would not exist without legacies,' said Rob Cope, Director of Remember a Charity.

This year the day falls in the week before the fourth Remember A Charity Week, which is taking place on 17-23 September, and ShelterBox is getting involved.

'The power of a piece of paper' is this year's theme for the week. The Civil Rights Act and the Magna Carta are just two documents from history that have had a massive impact on society, highlighting how powerful paper is as a tool for change.

Make a difference

'Remember A Charity Week asks people to think about how another piece of paper, a Will, can make a huge difference too,' said James Webb, ShelterBox Gifts in Wills Officer and Response Team volunteer.

Gifts in Wills are a lasting way to support ShelterBox and can ensure the international disaster relief charity can help vulnerable families whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

ShelterBox will engage with Remember A Charity Week through social media, encouraging supporters to think about the topic and whether it is right for them.

There are Remember A Charity Week materials including teabags, bookmarks and posters that people can use to also raise awareness of the event in their community.

Massive contribution

Moreover, ShelterBox is one of 15 charities in the UK to be awarded a yellow plaque as part of a new national scheme to recognise the massive contribution made by people who leave gifts to charities in their Wills.

'The idea of legacy has been very much in the news this year,' said Rob. 'Our new yellow plaques recognise the legacies of all the supporters who have left gifts to charities in their Wills, after taking care of loved ones, and helped the good work live on. Few of us currently include a charity in our Will. We wanted to do something to make people pause for thought and think about including a gift to charity in their own Will.'

ShelterBox is working with Remember a Charity with the aim to do what no single charity can do alone, making legacy giving a social norm.

For more information on Remember A Charity Week, or to request materials, please email James Webb at For more information on leaving a gift to ShelterBox, please click here, email James, or phone ShelterBox on +44(0)1326 569782.
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