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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Birthday of Scouting
Birthday of Scouting Scouts doing ShelterBox activities at the Saint George Scout Association National Pentecost Camp in Westernohe, Westervald, Germany, July 2012.

Today ShelterBox is celebrating with Scouts across the world the 105th birthday of the Scout Movement, the date the first scout camp began. ShelterBox has a history of working with scouts worldwide on deployments, which in turn, has inspired both organisations to work together from an educational perspective.

Scouting began with Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell (1857-1941). Upon his homecoming to England after a successful military career, he decided to look at the pressing problems of a British society weakened by unemployment.

The result was the development of an educational programme, inspired by his observations during the Siege of Mafikeng (1899) of how young people had used initiative under pressure to make the best use of limited resources.

From the 1 to 8 August 1907, Lord Baden-Powell gathered 20 young people from different social backgrounds on the English island of Brownsea in Dorset. The participants learned outdoor skills, built shelters, shared their experiences and worked with the local community. The outcome of this scout camp alongside many of Baden-Powell's ideas was received with so much enthusiasm that the start date of the camp is now celebrated as the birthday of the Scout Movement.

Scouts at the 5th National Scout Jamboree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2012.

Challenge young people

'The support we receive from groups on the ground is invaluable and inspiring, with Scouts working tirelessly to assist us, despite what they may have been through themselves,' said ShelterBox Founder and CEO Tom Henderson.

The cooperation during deployments has inspired ShelterBox and Scouts to work together not only in the aftermath of disasters but also from an educational perspective.

Over the past three years, ShelterBox has been working with numerous National Scout Organisations to jointly develop progressive and stimulating activities that challenge young people to gain a greater understanding of disasters, disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

Personal development

'This educational partnership creates a number of interactive ways that contribute to the scouts' personal development and increase awareness about ShelterBox and our global disaster relief work,' said ShelterBox Global Scout Partnerships Coordinator Melissa Martins Casagrande.

'Not only can the activities be enjoyed by local groups as part of their regular programme but also by many scouts at the same time as part of the activities at big events and camps.'

In the last three months, Scouts have had the opportunity to learn more about ShelterBox and its disaster relief work at various events including the ShelterBox London Scavenger Hunt and Gilwell 24 in the UK; the Saint George Scout Association National Pentecost Camp in Westernohe, Westervald, Germany; Saint Mark Scout Groups' 'Recharge' camp in Cairo, Egypt; the St Anne de Waterloo camp in Philippeville, Belgium; the 5th National Scout Jamboree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the Jamboree Denmark 2012 in Holstebro in Denmark; and the 'Vis tes rêves' Jamboree in Jambville, France.

Slideshow of photos of scouts at the events and programmes in Germany, Egypt, Brazil.

ShelterBox's participation in these events has been enormously successful thanks to volunteers' support from each involved country.

The fun will continue this month through to September, where ShelterBox will also be at the XXIINational Camp of the Catholic Scout Association of Portugal in Idanha-a-Nova; the Essex International Jamboree and Gilwell Reunion in the UK.
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