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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Lifesaving aid reaches families in need in Russia
Lifesaving aid reaches families in need in Russia From left to right: Eva Doerr (DE), Elvira, Stas, Andrew Clouting (AU), standing infront of Elvira and her son's new temporary home in flood-hit Nizhnebakanskaya, Russia, July 2012.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has been distributing essential lifesaving aid to families in need living in flood-hit southern Russia.

Elvira and her son Stas were the first family to receive a ShelterBox. They were forced to take refuge on the roof of their home when flash floods hit Nizhnebakanskaya in the night. They waited for four hours fearing for their lives when one of their neighbours saved them.

'The moment I handed over my first ShelterBox to a family in need was really touching,' said SRT member Eva Doerr (DE). 'Words were not necessary to sense Elvira's gratitude. Her home was completely destroyed by the floodwaters. When we gave her the box and put up her tent she hugged us showing her appreciation.'

Lisanova is an 84-year old woman who did not want to leave her damaged home. She is so happy that she has been given a ShelterBox as it means she can live on her land as her house is rebuilt.

Lisanova with her ShelterBox on her land, Russia, July 2012.

'It was amazing speaking to Lisanova,' said SRT member Andrew Clouting (AU). 'She couldn't believe it when she found out I had come all the way from Australia and Eva from Germany to help the people in Russia. I am proud to be part of ShelterBox who truly makes a difference to displaced families' lives.'

'Every day has been really unique because we have met some very special families that have been really thankful for our work and were in great need of assistance,' said Eva.

One family wrote a note to ShelterBox that stated: 'A deep bow to you and hearty gratitude from all of our family for your help.'

Volunteers from EMERCOM, Russia's national disaster management agency, and from Kuban Spas, the Russian community based search and rescue organisation, have been helping the SRT deliver aid.

Damaged home due to the floods in the Krasnodar region, southern Russia, July 2012.

A total of 73 ShelterBoxes to date have been distributed to families in the badly affected areas of Krymsk, Armyanskoe and Nizhnebakanskaya, bringing them shelter, warmth and dignity.

Flooding hit the Krasnodar region overnight displacing thousands of people.
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