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ShelterBox’s vision is a world in which all people displaced by disasters and humanitarian crises are rapidly provided with emergency shelter and vital aid, which will help rebuild their communities and lives.
We know that loved ones come first when making a will, but once you have included the people you care about, you may want to remember the causes you care about. 
How your gift could help
Gifts in wills are a lasting way to support our work and can ensure we are ready to help communities who need us, whenever and wherever a disaster or humanitarian crisis occurs.
This includes prepositioning aid in strategic locations across the world, training response team volunteers and preparing enough stock for catastrophes, whatever the scale.
Every gift that ShelterBox receives, large or small, will help us bring emergency shelter and other vital aid to families for years to come.  
Making a difference
If leaving a gift to ShelterBox is right for you, there are several ways you can include us:

'We were sleeping on just a blanket with wood underneath – it was very cold. Now we have the ShelterBox tent which is beautiful and keeps us warm. It will help us rebuild our lives.
- Lazaro Tambraico Huacho, whose family lost their home following landslides in Peru

Small changes can be made by adding a codicil. You can download an example to the right that may be appropriate depending on your circumstances. You can also download suggested wording to use if you are creating a new will or making large changes to an existing one.

If you do not have a will or need to make large changes, we recommend consulting a solicitor. You can find a list of probate solicitors in your area by visiting the Law Society’s website. Leaving a gift to a charity can also help reduce or avoid inheritance tax (you can access more information on inheritance tax to the right).


If you have any questions about making a will, or how your gift could provide shelter and warmth to families across the world, please get in touch.
You can also request a copy of our gifts in wills brochure which provides further information about what your legacy could achieve.

Franka Fueller, Gifts in Wills Officer
For more information please contact Franka Fueller by email or call her on 01326 555124.


Suggested wording for including ShelterBox in your will
• Suggested codicil for including ShelterBox in your will
• FAQs

• HMRC - information on inheritance tax

If your affairs are relatively simple and you seek the right advice, making a will does not have to be complex or expensive. It’s the best way to ensure that the people and causes you care about are provided for.’ - Peter Fitzmaurice, ShelterBox supporter and solicitor