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Working with ShelterBox is a great way to motivate and engage your employees, as well as supporting a fantastic cause. We have proven experience managing innovative and successful corporate partnerships, with a variety of companies. Why not get in touch to see how your company can support ShelterBox?

ShelterBox’s Promise to You

We know that we have a duty to fully support all companies that choose to support us. We also know that it is important to be accountable to our supporters. Should your company choose to support ShelterBox, in whatever way, we promise to:

Why Support ShelterBox?
Every year millions of people are affected by disasters and humanitarian crises. ShelterBox rapidly provides communities with emergency shelter and vital equipment.
Key reasons to support ShelterBox
The benefits to your company
By your company supporting ShelterBox, even more families will be able to receive the shelter and vital aid that they deserve after a disaster or humanitarian crisis.

Nominate ShelterBox as your company’s Charity of the Year!
A Charity of the Year partnership is a fantastic way for a charity and company to work together, achieving positive results for both parties. ShelterBox have a proven track record of managing successful Charity of the Year partnerships – so why not nominate ShelterBox to be your company’s next Charity of the Year!

We will work with you to plan a Charity of the Year that meets your expectations and objectives as well as ensuring that your employees are engaged with ShelterBox from the start. 

For more information on your company working with ShelterBox, please contact Harry Lightfoot.