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We can’t predict the future, but we can be ready for it. Help us prepare for disasters with a regular gift.

Regular gifts give us the confidence to prepare for the future so we are always ready to respond, helping bring shelter and vital aid to vulnerable families and communities. A gift of £5 a month – that’s just 16p a day - will help to ensure essential aid reaches disaster zones in the most efficient way.

How your regular gift will help

£5 a month could ensure we’re always ready to provide families in need with shelter and vital aid.

We don’t know where or when the next disaster or humanitarian crisis will occur, how large they will be or how many will happen at the same time, but your gifts could help ensure we always have enough emergency aid in stock to help vulnerable communties efficiently.
£10 a month could provide more volunteers with the skills and knowledge to deliver aid directly to families in need.

ShelterBox response team volunteers undergo intensive training to prepare them for the challenges they will face in disaster zones. With your help we can continue providing them with the skills and knowledge to deliver aid directly to families in need.

£25 a month could provide more families with emergency shelter as efficiently as we can.

We can reach families as efficiently as we can by prepositioning aid in or near countries prone to disasters or humanitarian crises.

£50 a month could ensure more families receive the very best aid solution for their situation.

Every disaster and humanitarian crisis is different and the type of aid families need to survive is different too. With your help we can continue developing practical solutions, like the specially designed thermal tent layer, to help bring more comfort and safety to vulnerable communities.

The benefits of regular gifts

Giving in this way is more cost-effective as it keeps our administrative costs to a minimum, meaning even more of your gift goes directly on our work. 
You’ll find it is easier too - a small regular amount will automatically leave your bank account so you’ll be helping without even having to think about it. And if your circumstances change, you can change or stop your gifts at any time, just let us know. 
Sue from Helston, Cornwall, has been a committed ShelterBox supporter for more than six years. In 2011 she started making a regular gift of £20 a month: 
‘Giving to ShelterBox on a regular basis makes it so much easier for me - I don't have to look around for a place to donate - and I’m sure I would forget otherwise. This way I know that the money I am able to give will allow ShelterBox to plan ahead and be proactive, not just reactive’. 

To make a regular gift to ShelterBox, click here to set up a Direct Debit online.

Or call our donations hotline on 0300 0300 500.

Have questions about regular giving? Please view our regular giving FAQs.