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Monday 04 June 2012
Climb or walk the distance of Everest for the Diamond Jubilee
Climb or walk the distance of Everest for the Diamond Jubilee

The Rotary Club of Camborne, Cornwall, is inviting teams to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by climbing the distance of Mount Everest. ‘The Jubilee Event’ will take place on Monday 4 June at Carn Brea - a Cornish hilltop with spectacular surrounding views of the local countryside. 
The event will be in aid of ShelterBox and will be a celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It also marks the 59th year anniversary of the first ever ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, the same day of the Queen’s Coronation. Norman Croucher OBE, the acclaimed double leg amputee mountain climber who has twice been chosen as ‘Man of the Year’, will also be attending the Carn Brea climb.
The challenge asks teams of two to three people to climb as many ascents of Carn Brea hill as possible, carrying an empty ShelterBox over rough terrain, much of which can only be travelled in single-file. The aim is for the amount of ascents from all of the teams combined to be a total of at least 110, equalling the distance of ascending Mount Everest from sea level.
Using the table below, teams can set their own individual goals by equating a target amount of ascents to various climbs around the world. For example, if a team were to complete 14 ascents throughout the day then that would equate to climbing Table Mountain in South Africa. As well as a fun day out for all, the event could be used as a team building exercise with teams vying against each other for the maximum number and fastest ascents. Last year, the average ascent/descent time was 42 minutes; the fastest team averaged 28 minutes and the fastest single ascent was 16 minutes.

'This truly is an event for everyone and for all abilities' - Norman Croucher OBE 

This year the Challenge has also been extended and adapted so that absolutely anybody can participate. 
Rtn Stephen Lay said: ‘In the past the challenge was for teams to climb up and down Carn Brea Hill carrying empty ShelterBoxes over rough terrain, the event has become very popular and competitive. But we have been looking for ways to invite anybody regardless of mobility to participate, not just the able bodied. This year Carn Brea Leisure Centre has kindly allowed us to use their running track to ‘walk the height’, whilst the able bodied will still ‘climb the height’ of Mt Everest’. 
Rotary Club President Linda Taylor said: ‘The ‘walk the height’ challenge gives the opportunity to those with mobility challenges or anybody who just wants to walk around the running track, to raise money for ShelterBox and their own good cause. If you walk one lap then you have walked the height of Kit Hill, ten laps (2½ miles) and you have walked the height of Mt Everest from Base Camp. 23 laps (5¾ miles) and you have walked the height of Everest from sea level. The real challenge will be to walk 50 laps (12½ miles) and you have walked from the bottom of the Mariana Trench to the top of Everest!’
Norman Croucher OBE will be participating in both the climb and the walk. He was actually brought up at Carn Brea village and often played and climbed on Carn Brea hill.

He said: ‘This truly is an event for everyone and for all abilities; I’m really looking forward to coming home and climbing Carn Brea again and experiencing the spectacular views. The walk event is for anybody, old or young, able bodied or with challenged mobility. 

'If you can move by foot, wheelchair, electric scooter or push chair please come along and I will be there to encourage you to achieve your personal challenge. If your mobility limits you to only completing the 100m stretch of the running track then you have travelled the height of St Michaels Mount, you will go home with a sense of achievement that you have celebrated the Jubilee in a very positive way – for somebody else'.
Team sponsorship is encouraged and 30% of this will be donated to ShelterBox. Teams that raise more than £100 will be told the number of their box which can then be tracked over the internet; allowing them to see where in the world that box will be deployed to.
For more information, entry and sponsorship forms contact the Rotary Club of Camborne on 01209 713627.


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