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Flooding and volcanic activity

Thursday, 26 January:

53 ShelterBoxes were distributed altogether using prepositioned stock in Brazil.

SRT volunteer David Hatcher has returned to the United Kingdom.

Deployment is now complete.

Wednesday, 25 January:

For the third time in two years, Brazilian scouts were prepared to help ShelterBox deliver aid to displaced people in need of shelter, even if it meant travelling long distances through the night. Thirty scouts from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais joined forces with the SRT and local volunteers to help put up ShelterBox tents in the devastated areas of Japamapará and Além Paraíba. In two swelteringly hot days, tents became homes for around 70 families.

ShelterBox Response Team volunteer David Hatcher (UK) praised the scouts for their efforts: ‘True to the scout motto, be prepared and do your best. I was extremely proud and honoured to know that so many Brazilian young people had collectively travelled more than 8000km in the true spirit of humanitarian aid to help the people of Além Paraíba and Japamapará. Scouts and donors from around the world have expressed their love in a very practical way.’

Flavio Menzer, a scout from Minas Gerais, said: ‘It is an honour for me and my friends to be here helping people and living our scout promise.’

Scout leader Fabricio Gabriel said the Scouts of Brazil are very proud to be working with ShelterBox in this action: ‘We brought hope, dignity and a little bit of comfort to families who have lost almost everything.’

This collaboration comes at a very special moment for ShelterBox and the Brazilian Scouts Association. The two organisations are working towards the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement foresees the development of educational tools that will help scouts remain prepared for disasters.

tuesday, 17 january:

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is delivering emergency shelter in Brazil, following flash floods and landslides that struck the eastern states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

SRT volunteer David Hatcher (UK) visited a school in the centre of Jamapara where around 350 people made homeless by the disaster have been living together in difficult circumstances, including a lady with multiple sclerosis and a pregnant woman.

Brazil’s ShelterBox Affiliate Director Jose Luiz Machado is accompanying David on the deployment and working with local Rotarians to bring in ShelterBox tents and lifesaving equipment from prepositioned stock, which will provide shelter, warmth and dignity to the affected families.

The SRT continues to assess the need for emergency humanitarian aid in surrounding areas with the support from Brazilian local authorities and the Civil Defense.

Listen to David Hatcher speaking of his time in Jamapura here.

wednesday, 11 january:

An ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is in Brazil assessing the need for emergency shelter following devastating floods and landslides that have made over 3,000 families homeless.

Heavy rain in the South American country caused a dam in the town of Campo de Goytacazes in the southeastern state of Rio de Janeiro to burst and flood the area, forcing thousands of families from their homes. On 10 January, a landslide struck the same area that collapsed several houses, killing at least 13 and leaving another 11 listed as missing.

ShelterBox has prepositioned stock in the country that will allow for immediate response to the disaster if needed. back