ShelterBox Indonesia
ShelterBox Indonesia

ShelterBox Indonesia

The history of ShelterBox Indonesia can be traced back to ShelterBox’s response to the disastrous Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in Aceh, Indonesia in 2005.

Indonesia has suffered at the hands of several disasters since 2005 and ShelterBox has provided relief during all of these events. Located in the so-called ‘Ring of fire’, Indonesia is made up of around 17,000 islands and is, due to its geography, prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and flooding. It is this history of natural disasters that has been intrinsic in the growing support for the work of ShelterBox within Indonesia.

Throughout every relief effort within Indonesia, ShelterBox have enlisted the help of Eva Kurniaty and her family who have a background in international import and export.

This ongoing relationship between Eva and ShelterBox led to meetings in December 2009 with ShelterBox international director Lasse Peterson in Singapore to explore the prospects of establishing an Indonesian affiliate of ShelterBox. The outcome of these meetings led to Eva seeking the support of Rotary Club’s within Indonesia and in July 2010 ShelterBox Indonesia was established as an official international affiliate.

ShelterBox Indonesia was initially founded by Eva Kurniaty of Rotary Club Jakarta Sunter Centennial and Keliek J. Soegiarto of Rotary Club Mataram Jogyakarta but now has wider support from Rotarians within Indonesia.

Currently located in Sunter, North Jakarta, a short distance from Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta International Airport and Jakarta-Tanjung Priok Sea Port, ShelterBox Indonesia HQ homes an expansive warehouse and office space (6450 sq feet). This HQ also provides a hub for operational and logistical output.

Contact ShelterBox Indonesia:

Jl. Agung Perkasa
16 Block J11
No. 4
Jakarta 14350

Telephone. +622170089333
CellPhone : +628121116333
Fax. +622165836163

Email : kurniaty_e@yahoo.com

Advisor – Al Purwa

Rotary Club: Bali Kuta
Occupation: District Governor
Contact: purwa@rotary-d3400.org

Advisor – Agustine Goh

Rotary Club: Jakarta Central
Occupation: Professional & Business Owner Contact: gusgoh@gmail.com

Chair – Eva Kurniaty

Rotary Club: Jakarta Sunter Centennial
Occupation: Ship owner
Contact: kurniaty_e@yahoo.com

Vice Chair – Keliek J Soegiarto

Rotary Club: Mataram Yogjakarta
Occupation: School Principal
Contact: keliekjs@yahoo.co.uk

Secretary – Roziana Wiguna

Rotary Club: Jakarta Metropolitan
Occupation: Founder and CEO of Virtue Contact: rozianaw@yahoo.com

1st Treasurer - Wati Herlina Bolga Hasli

Rotary Club: Jakarta Metropolitan
Occupation: Entrepreneur in concrete ready mix
Contact: watiherlina@gmail.com

2nd Treasurer - Rionardi Charles Wong

Rotary Club: Jakarta Sunter Centennial
Occupation: Director
Contact: rionardi_cw@yahoo.com

Auditor - Rodolfo C. Balmater BSc, MM, CPA.

Rotary Club: Jakarta Gambir
Occupation: Financial consultant
Contact: rodolfo.c.balmater@id.ey.com

Logistics – Johnson Young

Rotary Club: Jakarta Gambir
Occupation: Business owner – dealing in forwarding and logistics
Contact: johnson.young@yahoo.com or johnson@kotaisan.com

Fundraising – Raju Dansingani

Rotary Club: Jakarta Sunter Centennial
Occupation: Buisness owner - dealing in pharmaceutical
Contact: seemamulia@yahoo.com

Fundraising - Vensentius Dwijatmoko

Rotary Club: Batam
Occupation: Executive Director
Contact: dwijat@indosat.net.id

Public relations - John H G Soe

Rotary Club: Jakarta Sentral
Occupation: Design director
Contact: jhgsoe@yahoo.com or megtra@pacific.net.id

Public Relations for Media - Muhammad Ridlo Eisy

Rotary Club: Bandung Dago
Occupation: Member of Press Council of Indonesia
Contact: ridlo_eisy@yahoo.com

Field coordinator - Danny Wangsahardja

Rotary Club: Jakarta Metropolitan
Occupation: Associate partner
Contact: danny@dunamis.co.id

Field Coordinator – Robby T. Winarka

Rotary Club: Jakarta Sunter Centennial
Occupation: Owner of production house for TV programs
Contact: robby_tw@yahoo.com

Coordinator of Sumatra - Paul Getty

Rotary Club: Deli Medan
Occupation: Domestic sea transporter Contact: paul_medan@yahoo.com

Coordinator of West Java - Sujatmiko

Rotary Club: Bandung
Occupation: Owner of Gem-Afia group Contact: miko@cbn.net.id

Coordinator of East Java - Ronny H

Mustamu Rotary Club: Surabaya
Occupation: Lecturer
Contact: rotarianronnymustamu@yahoo.com

Coordinators of Bali, NTB & NTT – Charles Trader

Rotary Club: Bali Kartika
Occupation: Senior Project Manager in an IT company
Contact: charlestrader@gmail.com

Bali Field Coordinator - Hanny Arianto

Rotary Club: Bali Kuta 
Occupation: Director
Contact: hn888ar@indosat.net.id 

Fund Raising Coordinator - Slamet Hartono Ongkowibowo

Rotary Club:Surabaya Selatan
Occupation: President Director of PT. Artha 
Permai Kencana
Contact: apeka@sby.net.id