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Questions about Gift Aid

Am I eligible to make a Gift Aid declaration?

To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay an amount of UK tax (Income and/or Capital Gains Tax), which is at least equal to the amount of gift aid we will reclaim in each tax year, which is currently 25p for every £1 you give.

How will I know if I pay income tax?

Look at papers relating to the monies paid to you, such as your pay slip. Savings/bank accounts normally deduct tax at source so a bank statement will normally show if tax has been deducted. Individual share dividend certificates also show where tax has been deducted.

How will I know if I pay income tax on my pension?

As a pensioner you will receive a P60 each year, keep this safe, it will show any tax deductions.

Do I pay capital gains tax?

You are usually aware if you pay capital gains tax, as you would have had to declare it. This would have been declared by yourself or by your accountant/financial advisor.

I don’t pay tax but my partner does. Can I still give Gift Aid?

If you have made joint or family donations and your partner pays tax then he/she can tick the Gift Aid box provided that the donation is paid either from your partner’s account or from a jointly held or named account.

Do I have to fill in a gift aid declaration every year?

No. Provided you complete a continuous gift aid declaration you only ever need to fill in one form; all your donations are covered under one declaration. You can cancel your declaration at any time (for example, if you cease to become a taxpayer) by contacting our Donor Administration Team on 01326 569782 or

What if I've already made a Gift Aid declaration to ShelterBox?

Many gift aid declarations we’ve received in the past are one-off declarations. This means we can only reclaim the tax on that single donation. By completing a continuous gift aid declaration ShelterBox can reclaim the tax on any donations you’ve made in the past four years as well as any future donations.

If I make a continuous Gift Aid Declaration does that mean I must commit to making continuous donations?

No, giving a continuous Gift Aid Declaration does not commit you to making regular donations. However it does enable us to claim Gift Aid on any donations that you may wish to give at any time in the future without you needing to fill in any further Declarations.

Does Gift Aid affect any of the covenants (pledges) I have signed for in favour of ShelterBox so far?

A Gift Aid declaration can replace any existing covenants you have, so there is no need to have separate covenants for your donations.

Do I have to indicate that I have made a Gift Aid declaration on a tax return?

Not if you are a standard rate tax payer and do not receive a tax return from HM Revenue & Customs. However, if you do receive a tax return, you must declare the information. If you are a higher or additional rate tax payer and include the gift aid donation on your return you will receive higher or additional tax relief.

I am a self assessment tax payer and I pay tax at the higher rate of 40 per cent, how can I give part or all of my tax repayment to ShelterBox?

From 5 April 2011 you can no longer donate your tax repayment directly to ShelterBox using your tax return. However you can still donate your tax refund in the normal way when you make a donation (link to donate page). In this way, if you have signed up to gift aid, ShelterBox will be able to recover the basic rate of tax on this donation too.

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