About Us
Governance structure

ShelterBox is a registered charity; charity number 1096479 and it also operates as a company limited by guarantee, company number 04612652.
ShelterBox's ultimate decision making authority is the Board of Trustees (the 'Board'), which has full legal responsibility for running of the charity. The trustees act as the directors of the company for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006. Trustees are appointed in light of their commitment to ShelterBox and their experience and skills which enable them to undertake the responsibilities of trusteeship of a large and complex charity.
The Board meets at least four times a year and designated members of the executive team attend these meetings as non-voting observers to advise and inform the Board.
The Board has a number of committees that can also include senior staff members, co-opted individuals and consultants as well as trustees. These committees have specific areas of responsibilities and will provide recommendations within their specified areas for Board consideration and approval.
Current committees:
ShelterBox recognises the responsibilities placed by law on a charity trustee and provides a full programme of induction training in all appropriate matters. This includes governance and compliance for all new trustees, as well as refresher training for existing trustees in order to keep them up-to-date with current legislation. The Board utilises a number of training providers including the services of the NCVO and their publicised training material. Board members have attended the last two NCVO Trustee conferences in London.

Contact us

General queries on governance can be emailed to info@shelterbox.org or you may call us at 01326 569782

Strategic plan

A summary of our current strategic plan. When drafting this five year strategy, we sought the involvement of each of our many stakeholders, where possible actively soliciting input from staff, volunteers, partners and our Board of Trustees.

We will continue to work with our stakeholders to update them on progress against the plan and to seek their feedback on our activities.

ShelterBox strategic plan summary 2014-2018 / 6.7MB

Annual reports

Our annual summaries, covering our vision, operational highlights, financial reviews and more.

ShelterBox Trust Annual Report 2011 (April) / 5.3 MB

Our annual report for 2010/2011

ShelterBox Trust Annual Report 2011 (December) / 16.5 MB

Our annual report for April - December 2011

ShelterBox Trust Annual Report 2012 (December) / 6.5 MB

Our annual report for 2012

ShelterBox Trust Annual Report 2013 (December) / 3 MB

Our annual report for 2013

ShelterBox Trust Annual Report 2014 (December) / 17 MB

Our annual report for 2014